Learn even more about a career in skilled trades and technology

Check out these valuable resources from the Government of Ontario and some of our college partners.


Presented by OCAS, is the central hub for applying to college in Ontario. Create an account, upload transcripts, and get started on your career in the skilled trades and technology today.

Support Ontario Youth is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping apprentices and employers understand the apprenticeship journey. Their goal is to simplify the often-complicated apprenticeship pathway to effectively support those looking to enter the skilled trades.

A not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping women succeed in the Canadian construction industry, the CAWIC provides events, sponsorships, bursaries, and mentorship opportunities.

A government-funded website dedicated to helping Canadians understand the value of a career in the skilled trades, Job Talks features video interviews with actual tradespeople and information about how they entered and advanced in their careers.

A government-funded program that helps students transition from secondary school to college by developing dual credit programs. The credits earned through these programs are recognized by both secondary schools and colleges.

Skills Ontario encourages youth to pursue a career in the skilled trades and related technology industries, specifically in the growing areas of construction, infrastructure, technology innovation, and hospitality services.

Events and Series

Presented by Skills Ontario, this series is designed to arouse Canadians’ interest in the skilled trades through unique challenges that can be completed alongside classmates, family, and friends.

Also presented by Skills Ontario, this series focuses on how members of underrepresented groups have accessed and flourished in skilled trades careers.


Supported by the Ontario government, Better Jobs Ontario helps individuals who’ve experienced a layoff access financial support for tuition, books, transportation, and even childcare in pursuit of the skills required to start a new career.

The Red Seal Program sets universal standards for Canadian trades skills through a partnership between the federal government and the provinces and territories. Through this program, certified tradespeople can secure employment anywhere in Canada.