Careers in Skilled Trades and Technology

A Rewarding Career is Waiting for You

Launch a skilled trades career with a college program

If you’re interested in skilled trades and technology, a college program is a great place to start working toward your career. Not only will you learn from experienced tradespeople, you’ll also benefit from a network of industry connections that can lead to apprenticeships and jobs.

Many college trades programs also incorporate apprenticeship training or co-ops so you can complete the in-school requirements of an apprenticeship as part of your program.

Emerging careers in the skilled trades

Along with some of the more established fields outlined above, there’s a growing list of new occupations in skilled trades and technology. And while there will always be demand for electricians, carpenters, mechanics, and millwrights, many new types of careers are emerging every day.

This includes:

  • Cybersecurity analyst – identifying and helping address cybersecurity threats like digital fraud and data breaches
  • Mechatronics engineer – designing and fabricating advanced mechanical, thermal, and propulsion systems
  • IT network technician – establishing and maintaining network connections
  • Instrumentation and control technician – installing and maintaining pneumatic, electrical, electronic, and mechanical devices, usually in an industrial environment
  • Horticultural technician – growing and maintaining plants in urban and rural landscapes