Love Trades and Business? Check Out This New, Trades-Focused Business Degree

Trades student discussing drafting plans for mechanical design with instructor


Ontario’s colleges are stepping up when it comes to creating programs and facilities designed to train the next generation of skilled trades and technology workers. With an already problematic manpower shortage in the skilled trades expected to intensify in the coming years, there’s a clear need to draw more learners into construction, manufacturing, technology, motive power, and the service sector.

But this growing field also requires individuals who can manage the business side of skilled trades operations. Enter a new four-year honours degree in business administration with a special focus on individuals working in the skilled trades. An online program offered by three Ontario colleges – including Mohawk College, George Brown College, and Algonquin College – it’s designed to give people interested or already working in the skilled trades the opportunity to grow their own company or shift their focus to the operational side of an existing skilled trades business.

Online Program Tailored to Working People

Launched in September 2022, the fully-online program – officially known as the Bachelor of Business Administration (Trades Management, Honours) degree – includes 140 students across the three colleges. The 420 required hours of instruction are organized in a way that enables individuals currently working in full- or part-time jobs to study towards the degree at a pace that works for them.

Individuals enrolling in the program will focus on the following topics:

  • How to lead others
  • Applied research competencies
  • How to effectively manage projects
  • Marketing and accounting essentials
  • Effective business communication

New, Expanded Career Opportunities

Those who graduate with this new, skilled trades-focused business administration degree will be able to access or elevate careers in human resources, marketing, finance, and accounting in trades workplaces. Just as importantly, graduates will have the skills required to create strategic business plans, lead others in the workplace, and help facilitate healthy workplaces.

Finally, those who’ve already completed some trades-related credentials – such as an apprenticeship or trades-related diploma, degree, or graduate certificate – may be able to start this new four-year degree program closer to completion.

You can learn more about the Bachelor of Business Administration (Trades Management, Honours) program by visiting its official website.